Windows 10 Product Key For Lifetime Free Activation

Windows 10 Product Key

Windows 10 is the updated and the most secure operating system for computer and laptop now. But you cannot use Windows 10 without activation. Windows 10 product key can activate and enjoy complete features without any limitation. Now It is not very hard to find a Windows product key, but most time it is not work for activation.

In addition, by activation your Windows, you can unlock any features. We know that Windows 10 OS is not free for everyone. You must purchase Windows product if you want to get genuine version. You can know more things about windows 10 pro key and also get a key for free after reading this article. So let’s discuss it.

Why Needs Windows 10 Key?

Windows 10 product key is one type of serial number which used to activate the operating system. The windows 10 serial number has 25 digits in 5 parts. The serial key will not match with another serial key.

You can get windows 10 activation key from here. No need to go any other places. We are providing 100% valid working serial key. Online you will find lots of sites that are providing a serial key for free. But, a maximum of them isn’t working properly or license key is not valid. But, we are not providing any invalid key.

Features and Benefits of Windows 10 Product Key:

There are some benefits and cool features, that’s why we always use Windows 8 activator for activation any version of Windows. See these features and benefits in below:

100% Free:

  • Windows 10 activation Key is 100% free for everyone. You can use Windows 10 key for lifetime activation and game genuine windows.

Malware & Virus Free:

  • You can use Windows activator or loader but sometimes it detects malware by antivirus. So, you can use windows key to activate your Windows 10 operating system.

Free to use

  • Windows key is completely free to use. So you have no need to use any other paid tool for windows 10 key. So, you able to make genuine windows for free.

Lifetime activation

    • By using Windows 10 Key, you can use for lifetime activation of your windows. You have no need to worry about the activation again in future.

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Windows 10 Key

How To Get Windows 10 Key For Free:

Before getting the Windows 10 product key, we are going to share some recommended information. If you are already a windows 10 users, then please avoid the recommended information. Here Microsoft toolkit that can also activate any Microsoft products like Windows or office.

Now if you are using windows 7, 8 or 8.1 then you have no need to get a product key. You can do a free upgrade. So just go to your control panel and find the windows update option. You have to search for an update and start downloading and installing windows 10.

No matter about genuine windows user or not. Everyone can get this facility except windows XP users. Windows XP update has already been stopped by Microsoft. So, if you are already a windows 10 user then just follow the key given below and securely save it on your computer.

How To Use Windows Product Key:

At the beginning, you have to go Start Menu >> This PC and right click on it. Now some options will appear and click on the Properties option. You will be moved to a new window. Here you will find your system configuration and lots of important information about your computer.

Please scroll down below and will also find an option to activate windows or change the product key. Just click on the option which one showing. Now enter the product key following the instructions are given in the window.

After a while, your windows 10 operating system will be activated.

You can configure serial key from settings and windows activation watermark from your desktop screen also. Sometimes, it shows a notification to activate and also can do it from here.

There are more ways to configure the license key to being a genuine window 10 user.

Download: Mirror Link

Check Windows Genuine Status:

After activation, you should check that your Windows genuine or not. Here some steps to check the genuine status by visiting Computer >> Properties again. After that, just scroll below and can see the status of your computer. You can also see the product key.

Final Verdict

By using windows 10 product key, you can genuine version of Windows 10 and unlock all limitations. Now enjoy unlimited features of windows 10 for the lifetime. But you should buy Microsoft products  from their official website. Thanks for reading and staying with us or contact us if you need any helps.

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